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If your car is having problems with the suspension, it can be extremely dangerous to drive. It is necessary to have it looked at right away, so that you can rest easy knowing you and your passengers are safe. For service on your suspension in Iowa City, IA, look to Five Stars Auto Repair and Tires Service.

There are a few different ways to figure out whether you need suspension repair. If your car rides roughly, meaning you can feel every bump in the road, or your vehicle body is often bouncing, there is a good chance you should have it checked out.

Additionally, if your car starts to drift or pull when you are turning, it means that your shocks are not keeping the body of the vehicle stable against the force of a turn. This is particularly dangerous because it vastly increases your chances of a rollover. If you are experiencing this sensation while turning, come to Five Stars Auto Repair and Tires Service to have us look at your suspension.

A bad steering and suspension system can increase stop time by 20 percent, meaning you have a much lower chance of avoiding those sudden jaywalkers, or preventing fender-benders when the driver in front of you stops suddenly.

Our team at Five Stars Auto Repair and Tires Service can provide you with top-quality auto repair and suspension repair for a low, affordable rate. If you need a shock replaced, new springs, or more, we can diagnose the problem and have it repaired in no time. The next time you need suspension repair, you can count on us as your regular suspension service in Iowa City, IA. Come in today to see the difference we can make!